Complete IT Management

As your dedicated technology management team, we handle all the technical aspects of your IT environment, allowing you to concentrate on advancing your business with peace of mind.

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IT Management

Unlimited helpdesk and support

We provide near-instant support, practically eliminating any form of waiting time. We ensure that IT experts pick up your call in few minutes and actively attempt to resolve the issue right on the call, without any tickets.

Of course, if we can’t solve your issues remotely, we will be at your office in no time, because we are local to you. What’s more, we do all this with the perfect blend of cheerfulness and excellence – like nothing you have experienced before.

IT Management

Proactive maintenance

Rather than wait for an IT problem to come up, we proactively ensure that your systems are running optimally always. By consistently cleaning and updating your computers, they have a longer lifespan, operate faster and keep your staff happy and productive.

You have very little reason to call us for help, because everything works so perfectly. And when you do need to reach out, most of the time, we are already proactively working to fix the situation.

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IT Management

Status monitoring

We understand your IT to a ‘T’ and will inform you whenever something requires your attention.

Whether it is hardware depreciation, employee behavior or possible efficiency gains; we keep you in the loop.

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Endpoint Detection Response Technology maps a team member's regular activity and informs us when an unusual action is taken
IT Management

Cybersecurity and anti-virus

In today’s digital landscape, relying solely on antivirus or VPN for data security is no longer sufficient. Protecting your vital data is paramount in the face of increasing cyber threats. At Dwyer IT, our comprehensive cybersecurity management solutions safeguard your data from external attacks and internal vulnerabilities, ensuring your mission-critical information remains completely secure.

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Enterprise-grade anti-virus and anti-malware
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Onsite training to reduce human error are suggested
Data management systems ensure that everything is secure internally
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IT Management

Data backups and disaster recovery

What happens in case of a fire or flood? Data is crucial to running your business, but is also very fragile. Every organization needs fail-proof back-ups in multiple geographic locations.

We help keep you prepared for anything… While others are trying to figure how to stay afloat, you’d be thriving.

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Bounce back from a massive emergency in hours, not days.
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We regularly perform 'backup restore tests'
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Includes backups for cloud tools, such as Microsoft 365