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We specialize in delivering top-notch Technology Consulting and IT Support Services to small and mid-sized businesses. We understand the challenges you face in staying productive without getting bogged down by technical complexities. That’s why our team is here to provide you with expert guidance and support, ensuring that your technology infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently. With our tailored solutions and proactive approach, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of the rest.

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"Dwyer IT has proven to be creative, thorough, and very responsive to our practice. We are very happy with the improvements that have occurred since we hired the Dwyer Team."

"Dwyer IT has been a game-changer for our dental practice's IT needs. They seamlessly integrated our systems, ensuring smooth operations and secure patient data management. With their proactive maintenance and responsive support, they've minimized downtime, allowing us to focus on patient care. Highly recommend Dwyer IT for any dental practice seeking reliable IT solutions."

"Knowledgeable in all areas of System Administration, Networking, and IT infrastructure. Can't recommend enough."

Are you stuck with an IT partner that you can't rely on?

Are you tired of waiting for days to get your IT issues fixed, only to receive band-aid solutions?

Your growing business deserves on-time support and IT solutions that last a lifetime, delivered by experts!

Is your IT taking all your time, instead of making your job easier and faster?

Growing a business is difficult, but it's nearly impossible when all your time is drained on terrible internet and aged, malfunctioning servers!

Would you like your IT investment to yield results?

That's how it should be, and with the right, fit-to-size IT solutions, the results would be phenomenal

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We provide transparent IT services that produce measurable results

Computer support is crucial to the growth (and even existence) of any business! You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time every day worrying about whether your data is safe, or whether you’re going to lose important files because of a problem that could have been avoided if you had the right technical support to start with!

At Dwyer IT, we are a technical support company that offers our unique blend of friendly, helpful, and forward-thinking services to clients all across Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and the Philadelphia area. If you’re a business in need of expertly delivered managed IT services, we’re that “Right Approach” to IT that your growing business needs and deserves.

of our clients are satisfied.
cost-savings on infrastructure!

How our IT management helps small to mid-sized businesses, just like yours


We get IT right

More than anything else, we want to free you from the stress of dealing with the same IT issues that keep coming back again and again. When we fixed a problem, it’s really fixed.


Stable systems

We don’t want your team to waste another minute dealing with IT issues and slow IT systems. We proactively ensure that your IT works like a well-oiled machine, consistently.


No hidden clauses

Our local team of IT experts takes a common-sense approach to IT support. NO hidden fees, NO binding contracts – just the holistic, strategic, always-friendly support you deserve.


Future-ready IT

Automating your software and processes helps you get more done with the same team. We get AI to do some of your repetitive tasks so that you can focus on growing your SMB.


Leverage the Cloud

We know how to use cloud computing to keep you productive and safe. You can ditch your legacy servers – work productively on any device, from anywhere in the world!


Stay focused

When we take care of your IT needs, you can focus on your business. Our local team in Bucks County is made up of IT experts who are dedicated and passionate about what they do.


Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.

Shades of Green


CEO of Shades of Green Inc.

"Sean has been building and maintaining my computer networks for over 9 years. Prior to Sean, we tried many companies who always "promised", but never delivered! He responds extremely quick, and most issues or concerns are fixed within hours or less! Sean is providing outstanding support to Shades of Green, Inc."

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James Sharp

CEO of Sharps Landscaping

"Dwyer IT is always available to us in a timely and reliable manor. They are extremely trustworthy that I allow work afterhours or remotely to get larger projects finished as to not interrupt business operations. They have taken care of all our technical needs for the past nine years. During those nine years, They have made major improvements to our computer and network infrastructure all while saving us money."


Fran Hess

CEO of Hess Broadband Inc

"Hess Broadband, Inc has nothing but high praise for Dwyer IT. We call them the IT Guru's! They are very responsive to any and all questions or problems that arise throughout our day. They go out of their way to make sure that each and every issue (no matter how technical) is addressed, and waste no time alleviating those issues. I would absolutely recommend Dwyer IT to any business, both for their customer service and effectiveness."

The Oral Surgery Group Logo

Dr. Michael T. Dachowski

Owner, The Oral Surgery Group

"Dwyer IT has proven to be creative, thorough, and very responsive to our practice. We are very happy with the improvements that have occurred since we hired the Dwyer Team."

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